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Blackboard Upgraded to the Cloud  

Blackboard program image containing the Blackboard logo an uppercase and a lowercase letter The Teaching Learning Technology Center has successfully upgraded Blackboard to the "cloud". The move to the cloud will ensure downtime is minimized, while allowing Blackboard to deliver new features, fixes, and updates more frequently and with little to no downtime.

In your dashboard, the Blackboard app will now appear at the bottom. You may click on the app to drag-and-drop it to the top. You will also receive a notification that you have been "assigned Blackboard - SaaS".

Screenshot of the dashboard showing the Blackboard app

The Blackboard experience will remain the same, but it will be delivered on a modern cloud computing architecture for increased stability, data recovery, and faster roadmap delivery. While the platform will undergo a few enhancements, there are significant benefits that may not be as obvious.

  • Zero impact to students and faculty during updates. New features, fixes, and enhancements are delivered with no downtime or routine maintenance windows.
  • Scalability - The platform easily scales during high usage periods and utilizes 2 data centers for recovery and back-ups.
  • Monitoring - Blackboard support of the system is 24/7/365 with hosting on Amazon Web Services.
  • Integrations - Utilizing industry standards, SaaS hosting allows for tighter integrations between third-party technologies, tools and publishing content.
  • Faster Roadmap Releases - SaaS allows us to pilot Blackboard's next generation course experience, Ultra. With consolidated workflows and integration of data, faculty and students can experience the latest in this streamlined user experience. The Ultra Experience features a personalized activity feed and streamlined workflows to reduce clicks and increase efficiency.

All content prior to the migration is available in the cloud environment. There should be little to no changes in the look and feel of the system or existing processes.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Renee Cicchino
  • (973) 313-6249
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