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Seton Hall University

The Petersheim Academic Exposition

Join us for the 25th annual Petersheim Academic Exposition, Monday, April 26 – Friday, April 30, 2021.

The 2020 Petersheim Academic Exposition was held online, with presentations delivered through Microsoft Teams. View the 2020 presentations.

Nominate a Great Mind of the Week

In honor of the Petersheim Academic Exposition, you can nominate a student, faculty or staff member to be featured as a "Great Mind of the Week" on the University's website. Groups of students, faculty and staff also can be nominated. The winner will receive a "Great Minds" prize package that includes a $50 gift card. Click here to nominate a Great Mind »

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About the Expo

The 2020 Petersheim Academic Exposition "Share, Honor, Unite" will take place Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 24, 2020. This celebration of scholastic accomplishments will be of interest to the entire Seton Hall University community as it involves undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators, and staff from among the various disciplines. All sessions will be offered online

The Opening Reception of the Exposition will be held online at 12 p.m - 2 p.m. on Monday, April 20, 2020. The Dean's Discussion Panel has been planned at the opening reception. This panel builds upon prior successful panels with deans of our various colleges, schools, and academic units. This year's Dean's Discussion Panel will focus on how we foster student success as One University.

Students, in coordination with faculty sponsors, will present their work online in research symposia, poster sessions, presentations, panel discussions, theatrical performances, art exhibits, debates, concerts, and more.

Resources for Presenters

Poster Presentations

A well-prepared poster is visually pleasing and stimulates question and answers, as well as an exchange of ideas, between the viewer and poster presenter. Not everyone who stops by your poster will want to chat, so posters should be self-explanatory. Learn more »

Oral Presentations

For an oral presentation you will be required to present an oral overview of your work to a small audience. Oral presentations are usually 10-15 minutes, the last 3 -5 minutes may be reserved for questions from the audience. Learn more »

Flickr Petersheim Academic Expo

39914839860 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41682000662 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
39914840200 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41682000072 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41682000592 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
39914839820 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
39914840120 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41722188611 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41722187861 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
39914840080 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
39914839770 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018
41722188461 Petersheim Academic Exposition 2018

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