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Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Minor Programs

Latinos are the fastest growing minority group in the United States and the contributions of Latinos to the formation of the United States from its inception to the present day cannot be underestimated.

Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry dedicated to understanding the contributions, challenges, and histories of Latin Americans and U.S. born people of Latin American and Caribbean descent in the United States, as well as the cultures, histories, literatures, languages, artistic traditions and more of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Seton Hall University has developed a new major and minor with a focus in Latin America and Latino/Latina Studies which combines the expertise of faculty members of several disciplinary fields. Study abroad and internships opportunities are also provided through this program.

To speak with a faculty advisor, contact the director of the Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies Program, Matthew Escobar, Ph.D., at (973) 275-2764 or

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