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Online Social Media Certificate

Learn how to better integrate social media into your digital strategies through basic- & advanced-level cohorts. Registration extended through November 4.

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Theology alumna & singer Keaton Douglas

iTHIRST Spiritual Companionship Training

Led by Keaton Douglas, this new online training helps students to provide a spiritual remedy to those suffering from addiction.

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A photo of a Seton Hall graduate student sitting in a chair in Bethany Hall.

Get Ready for Graduate School!

Our flexible online programs bring graduate school within reach. Start your Seton Hall journey today.

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Continuing Education -- with its diverse offerings of credit, non-credit, degree, professional certificate and training programs -- helps job-seekers and lifelong learners discover what works to enhance their lives  and achieve success. Our programs are taught by distinguished faculty and industry experts. Schedules are flexible and designed for people with busy lives. We offer corporate and small business training, as well as small group and independent learning opportunities.

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Interested in summer courses?

Check out our wide variety of graduate, undergraduate and pre-college summer offerings, giving you an opportunity to gain an edge throughout the summer months.

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