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Seton Hall Students speak with an Employer at Career Fair

Internship and Job Search

The Career Center assists students in finding career preparation experiences which provide them with the opportunity to develop key competencies, gain confidence in their career decisions, and begin to create a professional network.

Internship Program

Seton Hall has been named one of the Top 5 Universities for Undergraduate Internships, ranking fourth on a list compiled by The International Business Times.

Policies and Guidelines 

Job Searching 

All students have access to our Handshake database, which holds thousands of opportunities throughout the US.

Internship and Career Success

Career Tips and Research 

Unsure About an Employer?

There may be organizations that perform suspicious practices or do not adhere to the mission of the University. If you learn of such practices, are unsure about an organization, or if an employer requires a fee, contact The Career Center for advice: (973) 761-9355. Click here for more information.