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Lee Miller Teaches the Art of Negotiation  

Lee MillerLee E. Miller has been called the "high priest of the give and take art." Through his books, articles, corporate training sessions and lectures, Miller has taught countless professionals how to motivate others to get what they want. Miller, a professor of management at the Stillman School of Business, leads a workshop series on strategic influencing and communication beginning with his introductory program on Friday, September 8.

Miller's approach is about harnessing the U Perspective, a negotiating technique which asks people to trade their wants for the point of view of the person they are trying to influence. "Most people assume that everyone sees the world as they do," writes Miller. Rather than trying to get people to follow your lead, he suggests, identify what others believe and want, and use that as a motivator. Miller argues that it is easier to get someone's support when you can demonstrate that what you need, can also benefit their interests.

During the upcoming series of Strategic Influencing Workshops, Miller, co-author of the critically acclaimed A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating will take students through the process of becoming leaders who shape outcomes. Using role playing and small group exercises, these highly interactive workshops will allow participants to experience the process of influencing in different cultural and organizational contexts. Students will analyze various situations and design appropriate strategies to achieve their goals and maximize outcomes. They will practice building consensus within and across teams, and learn how to exercise subtle influence, without resistance. At the end of this course, participants will understand the roles of anchoring, legitimacy, desire, persuasion, and consensus in successful influencing strategies.

In Strategic Influencing and Communication (9/8), students begin to understand and approach influencing in a systemic way, being aware of the context in which influencing takes place and how the roles of individuals and other factors can determine outcomes. Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women (9/15) is designed specifically to teach women to think about influencing differently and to approach efforts to influence others in a thoughtful systematic way. In Advanced Strategic Influencing (10/6), students learn how to develop an influencing plan, while considering the roles of various players in the decision-making process, and building on the skills developed in the prerequisite workshop.


Seton Hall University Campus, 400 South Orange Avenue,
South Orange, NJ Beck Room ,
1st floor, Walsh Library


  • Registration for one workshop $259 or $499 for both workshops.

Early bird and Seton Hall alumni discounts available.
Students must take either Strategic Influencing and Communication or Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women as a prerequisite for taking Advanced Strategic Influencing.

Participants can earn up to 3.5 SHRM Professional Development Credits for each workshop.


Workshop 1 Strategic Influencing and Communication - Register: Strategic Influencing & Communication:

Workshop 2 Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women Register

Workshop 3 Advanced Strategic Influencing Register Link

Workshop 1 & 3 Bundle Register Link

Workshop 2 & 3 Bundle Register: Strategic Influencing & Communication for Women Bundle

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