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Strategic Influencing Workshops

Influencing Series

One of the key components of leadership is having the ability to affect outcomes. Whether negotiating a fee structure for a new project, managing client expectations, recruiting employees, or partnering with colleagues, leaders need to build trust, gain support, and systematically influence results. But how does the process work? And how can influencing be applied strategically in different situations?

Lee E. Miller, an accomplished trainer in the field of leadership, influencing and negotiating, heads three fall workshops on Strategic Influencing,

  • Workshop 1 - Strategic Influencing and Communication
  • Workshop 2 - Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women
  • Workshop 3  - Advanced Strategic Influencing and Communication
  • Workshop 4 - Cross Cultural Influencing and Communication

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Through these highly interactive workshops students will experience the process of influencing. They will observe, participate in and analyze different situations and design appropriate strategies to achieve goals and maximize outcomes. Participants will practice building consensus within and across teams, and learn how to exercise subtle influence, without resistance

Students may begin by taking Strategic Influencing and Communication or Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women, Advanced Strategic Influencing and conclude with Cross-Cultural Influencing.

In the first two workshops students begin to understand and approach influencing in a systemic way, being aware of the context in which influencing takes place and how the roles of individuals and other factors can determine outcomes. Participants will learn how individuals they interact with see a situation and what will motivate them to support a proposed plan of action, taking into account the situational and cultural context.  They will also learn about the roles and impact individuals have on the influence process, but are not present.

Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women is designed specifically to teach women to think about influencing differently and to approach efforts to influence others in a thoughtful systematic way. The program will provide the key essentials of influencing as well as how effective application of these skills differs for women and men. It provides practical tools and techniques to enable women to more effectively influence others, both internally within their own organization and externally with their clients, suppliers, and business partners.

In Advanced Strategic Influencing, students learn how to develop an influencing plan, while considering the roles of various players in the decision-making process, and building on the skills developed in the prerequisite workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to observe, participate, and ask questions to improve their influencing skills and to learn from real life practical examples. Participants will explore and perform small group exercises, allowing the attendees to practice and master various influencing skills.

The fourth session, Cross-Cultural Influencing, looks at how aspects of culture develop and the ways in which experiences with cultures may differ. The session will focus on the value of having a global mindset where patience is valued and expectations about timing and scheduling may need to be adjusted. Participants will learn about communication styles, relationship building and the influences of culture on the U Perspective. 

Workshop 1
Strategic Influencing and Communication

Workshop 2
Strategic Influencing and Communication for Women

Workshop 3
Advanced Strategic Influencing

Workshop 4
Cross-Cultural Influencing and Communication


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  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the structure of the influencing process.
  • Learn how the elements of influencing can be ordered and applied to produce superior outcomes.
  • Participants can earn up to 3.5 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) at each session.

Intended Audience

Professionals seeking to build insight and add skills in areas that affect their interaction with employees, supervisors, customer, suppliers and potential partners.


Lee Miller talks about successful negotiatingLee E. Miller is a consultant, executive/career coach and corporate trainer in the field of leadership, influencing and negotiating. Miller is a professor of management at Seton Hall's Stillman School of Business and an instructor in influencing and negotiating at Columbia University. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating, which was selected by the Huffington Post as one of the "16 Books Aspiring Woman Leaders Need to be Reading."

More Information

Attending these workshops can earn you up to 10.5 SHRM Professional Development Credits.

Alumni and early bird discounts available.

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